I’m Christine. A Hampton Roads Real Estate Investor with 15+ Years of Experience.

I am Christine (Chrissy) Kay, the founder of Flip Our City, a real estate investment company established in October 2021. Our mission is deeply rooted in transforming lives and properties within the communities we engage with.

My journey into meaningful and impactful work began with a desire to make a significant difference, although initially uncertain about the direction to take. This quest led me to discover my passion for real estate investing, a field where I had accumulated extensive experience, particularly in Virginia’s multi-family rental housing sector over a span of 15 years.

The comprehensive education and practical experience I’ve amassed have been pivotal in laying a robust foundation for my success in real estate investing. I possess a nuanced understanding of the market, which distinguishes me from my peers. My approach is characterized by persistence, motivation, and a readiness to seize new opportunities, all of which have been instrumental in achieving my objectives and navigating the challenges inherent in this industry.

Beyond my core real estate investment business, I ventured into another entrepreneurial endeavor, Get Staged, which has generated an additional revenue stream. My entrepreneurial zeal and commitment to creating new financial avenues for my family are central to my financial prosperity. My innovative thinking and willingness to embrace calculated risks have enabled me to diversify my income sources, fostering avenues for growth and financial stability through Get Staged.

The foundation of my success in real estate investing can be attributed to thorough training and mentorship, which equipped me with essential skills such as property analysis, network building, and financial planning. These tools have empowered me to make strategic decisions, aligned with my long-term aspirations, ensuring a smooth navigation through the complexities of investment and informed decision-making.

At Flip Our City, our vision extends beyond merely refurbishing properties to enhancing the overall quality of life within the communities we serve. We are committed to collective efforts towards creating vibrant and sustainable neighborhoods.

Thank you for considering Flip Our City as your partner in real estate investment. We are eager to collaborate with you to make a meaningful impact in our communities.


Christine (Chrissy) Kay
Founder of Flip Our City


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